AstroFest Press Release - October 1st, 2020

Join us for AstroFest, a series of fun events with space scientists

The PLANETS Foundation, a 501(c)(3) research and education non-profit based in Maui, Hawaii, is hosting a series of virtual events: AstroFest, featuring Q&A’s with leading women space scientists, virtual telescope tours, and live streams with organizations like the SETI Institute and the National Solar Observatory. 

The events will engage kids and adults of all ages by allowing viewers to submit questions about outer space, exoplanets, and alien life. AstroFest will also host a drawing contest to spark kids’ creativity and curiosity about space, offering fun rewards handcrafted for PLANETS Foundation’s Kickstarter Project,  Lana and Tardi Space Adventures. Kids studying at home will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with top scientists involved in space exploration technology and the search for alien life.

See the AstroFest calendar here:
AstroFest takes place from: October 01 - November 11, 2020

For inquiries and press kit contact:
Kevin Lewis 


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